Medical Devices

Medical Devices


Medical devices are increasingly used in every nook and corner of our lives. They are today prevalent in every area of a modern home ranging from electronic heart rate/BP monitor to Sugar level monitors to even physical fitness manager. Spundhan brings its expertise in Embedded hardware and software to medical electronics and devices domain. We have great expertise in building products using high-precision sensors, touch displays, rugged temperature resistant machines, etc.

We deliver cutting edge technology solutions for Diagnostics, Patient monitoring and wearable medical devices. Spundhan has worked on Electrotherapy equipment and surgical diathermies which gave us good experience in taking a challenge for other medical devices. Spundhan also has proficiency in Image and Video analytics which is heavily used in Pharma and Medical manufacturing automation. If you are looking out for a partner to build your medical device from scratch to finished product, then look no further. Write to us now.

Our Expertise

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded Software development
  • Automation based on Image/Video Analytics 
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Modern User Interface development.
  • Mobile App development
  • Port Legacy Product to Modern electronics.
  • Sensor Integration
  • Cloud Data Storage and Analytics
  • Machine Design and Manufacturing
  • Electronic Hardware design

Product Design and Development


Spundhan's team will sit with you, understand your idea and provide expert design and development services to bring your idea to reality. We help companies build products from scratch. This includes choice of electronics, sensors, design of enclosure, use of colours, design of display and user interface and many more.

Key Benefits:

  • Specialised and Experienced Team
  • Fast Development cycles
  • Shorter time to Market
  • Competitive Pricing

Product Upgrade


Are you stuck in your legacy product? Not able to upgrade it to make use of the latest technological advances available today? Do you want to be future ready? Spundhan helps in upgrading your current product with latest technology and features ranging from: embedded RTOS support, new high-precision sensor integration, touch displays with higher resolutions and make available a mobile app that connects to your product remotely.


Image/Video Analytics


Spundhan has delivered several world-class products to its customers based on image analytics. Our team is having more than 10 years of experience in OpenCV image analysis framework. We have provided all kinds of solutions ranging from automatic detection of animal behaviour during research to fault detection during tablet packing/manufacturing. There is no limit what you can achieve using image analysis techniques. If you have a specific need, then please write to us immediately.