Network Firewall

Network Firewall

With the onslaught of mobile devices, in today's networking world, its very difficult to manually audit and maintain secure networks. There is no compromise on security when it comes to data transfer via the internet. One piece of hardware that becomes indispensable in every location is the network firewall. We have developed a unique, easy to use firewall - "ENPAQ Unified Gateway". ENPAQ helps you to connect, secure, and manage your networks with add-ons that deliver necessary IT services to every one of your users, local or remote. The Unified Gateway combines the capability, flexibility, and manageability of our software with the power, scalability, and cost advantages of commodity x86 hardware (standard PC/servers), giving you the best price to performance ratio in the market.

Our Unified Gateway product is based on open-source components, and a uniform manageability interface using our VirtualPresence distributed management framework. The ENPAQ Unified Gateway is designed to operate on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) x86 PCs and servers, ensuring that you benefit directly from the next generation's faster and lower cost computers.

What is a Firewall? (and why do we need it?)

A firewall is protective barrier between you and the rest of the computers you are connected to. When you go on to the internet you are visible to the outside world. (If you weren't, then there would be no way to get a web page to your browser!) You are visible through something called a port. A port is service available to you. There are many thousands of these ports (services), and each is given a number. The three ports (services) you use most often are the world wide web (port 80), Incoming email (typically port 110), and outgoing email (usually port 25). The idea of a firewall is to close off the ports (services) you're not using. If you don't, then your open ports are an invitation to others to raid your computer! If you only have one piece of security software on your computer then it has to be a firewall. Unless your computer is not connected to the outside world, this is a must-have.


Protect your network, and more importantly - your data, today!

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Do I need one?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, then you definitely need one:

  • Do you run a business with at least 2 or more PCs connected to the internet?
  • Do you need to provide restricted access to internet to some of your network users?
  • Do you want a single point virus/malware/worm/other threat protection?
  • Do you want to protect your internal network from internet hackers?
  • Do you want to monitor internet bandwidth usage?
  • Do you want to block certain websites?



Benefits of ENPAQ?

  • One Unified Gateway at a location satisfying all your connectivity, security, and manageability needs
  • With WAN Independence, you can interconnect your locations using ADSL, Cable, MPLS, VSAT, WiMAX, 3G, or even dialup
  • A unified interface to manage all the provisioned networking and IT functions
  • Advanced, yet easy to use, networking and security features, improve productivity, and reduce downtime
  • Proactive alerts, reports, and management, reducing your support costs while improving your end user experience
  • A single point of contact for all your IT and networking support requests
  • Lower capex, since you can use commodity x86 PCs and servers and don't need to hold spares
  • Protection against threats.


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