Creating XSD in Eclipse

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Steps to create Xml Schema Definition (XSD).

  • Create new project
  • Right click on project .Goto New -> other
  • Click on Xml and select Xml schema and click “Next”
  • Select parent folder and enter file name and click “Finish”
  • Open xsd file which you have created
  • Right click on title “Elements” box ->Add Element
  • Enter the element name
  • Right click on “NewElement” – > set Type -> New
  • A “Complex Type” element is an XML element that contains other elements and/or attributes.
  • The “Simple Type” element is an XML element that specifies the constraints and information about the values of attributes
  • Right click on Element type -> Add Element
  • Enter element name . In the same way ,you can add multiple elements
  • Right Click on Element type -> Add Attribute
  • Right Click on Element and set multiplicity.
  • Add new Elements, Attribute, Multiplicity in same way.

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